Everything You Need To Know About TikTok Ads

Advertising on TikTok is a great way for any company to reach a wider audience and capitalise on the app’s rapid development. Use this manual as a starting point for your learning.

To what end will advertising on TikTok serve me?

So, you get that TikTok is a major social media site and can appreciate its marketing potential. But, you may be wondering why you must invest in TikTok advertising.

It can help you reach your demographic and drive revenue for your company.

When executed properly, it generates a positive ROI over the long term, which in turn boosts revenue and profile visibility.
Advertisements on TikTok can do a lot more than just lead people to a website and, maybe, make some purchases. Taking advantage of the platform’s reach and structure, you can advance your brand in several ways.

TikTok advertising’s many advantages

  • Spreading the word about your company.
  • gathering and maintaining a devoted fan base.
  • Informing customers about your company, sector, and offerings.
  • Real-world product or service demos that you produce.
  • Resolving the most pressing issues for our clientele.
  • Review and testimonial publications.

TikTok Business Account Setup

Do you still need convincing? Then keep reading for detailed advice on how to launch your own successful TikTok advertising campaign. If you already have pixels installed in your TikTok business and advertisements account, you may move on to setting up a campaign.

First things first: create a TikTok business account. A ordinary TikTok account will get you far in terms of marketing, but if you want to use the TikTok advertisements manager, you’ll need the business features.

Changing to a TikTok Business account

  • Choose the menu button (three horizontal lines) in your profile. Choose Privacy and Settings.
  • Click the “Manage Account” button to see your account settings.
  • To change to a business profile, click the corresponding button.
  • See the advanced options available to you now that your company has subscribed! Then proceed by selecting Next.
  • You will be given a selection of available company types to pick from. Choose the most pertinent option, and then proceed.
  • A notification window will appear to let you know your standing has changed. TikTok will also send you a note to your inbox with information on your business account so that you can make the most of the service.

Sign up for TikTok Advertising now

You are now fully operational within the TikTok commercial hub. Nevertheless, in order to launch an advertising campaign, you will also need to create an individual Ads account. What follows is a description of how to accomplish it over the internet:

  • Go to the Business Center’s left-hand menu and select Advertiser accounts.
  • If you click here, a new window will open where you may register for Advertising or ask to be added to an existing account. To start fresh, select Make New for our needs.
  • Some account information will be requested from you (it will likely match the information from your Business account, which TikTok will pre-fill for you). After you’re ready, select the Next button.
  • Congratulations, you’ve accomplished your goal! Your Ad account’s control panel will look like this.

Formats for TikTok commercials

Advertising on TikTok can be done in a variety of ways. There is, of course, the conventional in-feed video ad, similar to the one we covered earlier. There are, however, alternative ad placement tactics you can use on TikTok to increase brand awareness, user engagement, and ultimately, sales.

commercials that appear within the content being sent to the user

These advertisements appear in users’ feeds as relevant articles. These are the basic, essential adverts on TikTok. The typical CTR for these kind of ads is between 1.5% and 3%.

Advertisement for a competing brand that takes over a current one

Ads for popular brands can “take over” the TikTok app by displaying both at the app’s launch and elsewhere on the For You tab. They exhibit a higher CTR (7-10%) as should be expected.

Ads on TopView

Advertisements like these replace the opening few seconds of the For You page, which is a step down from a takeover. They provide click-through rates (CTRs) as high as 16%, which is not bad at all!

Advertisement at the top of the feed

These are the same as TopView commercials, but they start the For You stream off with a video. There is a noticeable drop in quality from TopView to these. Here’s an infographic from TikTok to help you visualise the interplay between the various ad formats.

Corporate goal

TikTok will support branded mission ad campaigns. They make it possible for businesses to launch campaigns that content providers can opt to join by making relevant works. Then, companies may choose to feature their preferred content and users and develop deeper partnerships with them if they so wish. As a result of these efforts, a highly interactive, community-driven advertising campaign is launched.

Hashtag competition for brands

The possibility for brands to be associated with popular TikTok challenges has arrived. Brands can get engaged by sponsoring branded hashtag challenges, which encourage content creators to make and upload content using a designated hashtag.

Commercial with a Name-Brand Impact

Create a custom TikTok effect for your business that content makers and consumers can use in their own videos with the help of branded effects. When combined with the #HashtagChallenge and the overall brand’s objective, this can be a tremendously successful form of advertisement.

Commercial carousel

Advertisers can use the News Feed to showcase up to ten images in conjunction with their adverts. You’ll have a lot of leeway in terms of creativity because each carousel ad can have its own wording and link.