Social Media Marketing Strategy For B2B

Is the content on your social media feed starting to feel stale and repetitive? Do you wish for your B2B material to have more of a personal touch, energy, and interest? If yes, you’re undoubtedly interested in the latest social media fads.

We have no interest in making your feeds seem like those of BuzzFeed or PopSugar. We have no intention of making your profile the most reliable place to find rumours. But, there is a great deal that can be done to cash in on trends as a B2B, and many established businesses have begun doing just that.
How can a business benefit from being abreast of social media developments?
This is some mental exercise and inspiration to get you going. With this in mind, Dave inquires, “What things do you see that you like?”

Try out some of the suggestions that interest you.

Advantages of business-to-business

  • Raise the awareness of your company and its products. Branded links are a great way to boost recognition of your social media postings and monitor user engagement.
  • Make your company seem more approachable and kind to consumers.
  • Boost your social media following because people would want to follow you if you post interesting things.

Trends in social media: some instances and suggestions

Check out some of the most popular B2B firms that are now sharing cutting-edge material on their social media channels.

Please consider these suggestions.

Clips of Audio that Last One Minute

Trying a new content format is one of the trendiest methods to take advantage of social media movements.

All of us have seen podcast excerpts on LinkedIn. You know, those little videos with a still image in the background that last 45 or 60 seconds?

By publishing “meditative stories,” which are written in the form of poetry but have a connection to sales or marketing, Salesforce is letting their freak flag fly. They are concise (lasting less than a minute) and self-contained.
Salesforce is essentially publishing high-quality artwork through their LinkedIn profile and connecting it to the ever-growing mindfulness and meditation community.

Work Music Playlists on Spotify | LinkedIn

To illustrate, here’s another case study from LinkedIn. What are the odds of a business-to-business firm signing up for Spotify and immediately starting to curate playlists? Really, you wouldn’t do it at all. It may seem like a reach, but considering that LinkedIn is a site for employees and that many of them listen to music as they work, it’s not too far-fetched. That’s why you might consider it a fun experiment in social media.
Naturally, if you’ve created something as cool and out-there as a Spotify playlist, you can promote it frequently across all your social media platforms and develop a great deal of evergreen content in a variety of ways.

Recipes in 30 Seconds or Less, Courtesy of Oracle

Don’t you just love when your mom tags you in those lightning-fast cooking instructions on Facebook? Seeing a casserole come to life after only 30 seconds of cooking is really incredible.

Enjoy the weird holidays

Don’t panic if the idea of creating comprehensive cooking instructions overwhelms your content staff. Let’s check out a plan that’s a lot less difficult to implement.

This example tweet from LinkedIn shows how a holiday may be turned into a comedic tweet. Even though it’s National Grammar Day, this tweet is full with mistakes.

Highlight your life

The pets were a must, of course. The popularity of pets such as dogs and cats on social media is a trend that shows no sign of abating.

The good news is that it’s not too difficult to implement. Instead of implementing some of these other suggestions, it’s much more feasible to have one of your employees bring their dog to work one day and take pictures of the dog hanging out in the office (which require a filming crew).

Make the best of a terrible situation with grace and dignity

A live event hosted by Zendesk was scheduled to take place in Miami during the first week of March 2020; however, due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, the event had to be cancelled.

In preparation, Zendesk has been flooding their social media with high-quality movies, some of which reference vintage Miami. The sunglasses, white jacket, and flamingo pink backdrop? The epitome of Miami.
Use the unique aspects of your live events to their full potential (or any live event you attend)

Salesforce held its annual developer conference, TrailheaDX (or TDX for short), in May of 2019. There were no doubt some fantastic presenters there. There were even astronauts among the speakers. If you’re lucky enough to have astronauts attend your live events, be sure to share that information on all your social media accounts; we’re not sure how much cooler it gets than that.

Discuss the latest fads

Sharing your thoughts on what’s currently popular might also help to keep your social media feeds fresh and exciting. The whole population older than 27 is currently preoccupied with the question of whether or not they should join the video-sharing app TikTok. Celebrities continue to make headlines daily for their use of the video sharing app TikTok.

Strategies for making the most of popular social media

Let’s go over some of the general best practises and advice we’ve learnt now that we’ve seen some outstanding instances from savvy B2B firms.


  • Choose hot topics that have some relevance to your brand, product, and/or audience.
  • Don’t just retweet and repost popular stuff; create your own.
  • Give yourself permission to experiment with new forms of content creation and distribution on your B2B social media platforms.
  • Choose the most recent developments and the best quality articles (quality images or videos when curating other content for example)
  • Blend traditional content types like ebooks and webinars with cutting-edge concepts for content.