You Can’t Ignore the Power of Instagram Video Marketing

Looking at Instagram’s user base, it’s clear that there are over a billion people using the service on a monthly basis. In addition, 90% of all accounts are adherents of a certain company. In addition to that… More than 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day.

These numbers prove that Instagram is not just another site where people may upload their photographs and videos. One of the main forces that keeps people coming back is the marketing and advertising. These elements make up what Instagram is today.

You may promote your company and its wares on Instagram by sharing a narrative that centres on them. It’s great that this platform is visual. Images and videos in various formats can be used to entice and retain readers.

As they are both brief and interesting, videos are an excellent medium for capturing the attention of your target audience. Using free video editing tools to create high-quality films will help you attract and engage your ideal audience.

But, there is a great deal more involved with video marketing. Why you should be using Instagram videos to promote your business.

Improved Brand Exploration

As compared to other popular social networking sites, Instagram has the highest average interaction rate. There are more people actively using it than either Facebook or Twitter.

Instagram is a great platform for fledgling businesses or those seeking to expand their client base. Your company’s profile will get a huge boost from the platform’s high interaction rate.

Instagram, and particularly its Explore feed, is a potent instrument for expanding a brand’s reach. Instagram will show your company’s videos in users’ Explore feeds when the app’s algorithm determines that they will like them.

Videos may be optimised in a number of ways to increase their visibility in the Explore stream, such as by using attention-grabbing thumbnails, popular and relevant hashtags, and other means. Putting your business out there in a video format is a great way to get exposure.

The key to growing a strong Instagram following is connecting with users in your target demographic.

Use of Online Videos to Promote Interaction with Customers

Instagram was created on the idea of photographs being the major focus. It’s been over a decade since its beginning in 2010. Instagram has finally come of age and is catching the video trend.

It has released several new video-related features throughout the years, including video posts, Stories, Live videos, IGTV, and Reels.

These capabilities are obviously something that firms can use to increase customer participation. The Instagram videos you share will automatically appear in the feeds of your followers. This ensures that your followers are aware of all of the most recent offerings and promotions from your business.

The Art of Persuading Consumers to Buy

When companies use Instagram video advertisements, they can reach their ideal customers directly in their feeds.

Consumers will rather watch a video about a product than read words since videos are more interesting.

Video advertising provide you the option of including a call to action in addition to the usual video post (CTA). By including compelling call-to-actions (CTAs) at the end of your video advertisements, you can send viewers to specific landing pages on your e-commerce website, where they may make a speedy purchase decision.

Not having to manually navigate to your site is a huge time saver for your users. In addition, it makes it more likely that people will stay on the site for longer. Customers can also boost their spending by looking at your other offerings.

Customers may be more precisely targeted by examining video ad engagement data. A video ad on Instagram may only be created using the Facebook Ads Manager.

Rapid promotion with Instagram Stories

With photographs, videos, and other interactive features, you may promote your company on Instagram’s Stories platform. They expedite the process of connecting with new customers and expanding an existing one.

When you publish a video to Instagram, it will appear in your followers’ feeds, but Instagram Stories will appear at the top of your profile. These might not even be Instagram users you follow. A great way to get people interested in your items is to provide teasers or provide sneak peeks.

Keep in mind that you can use up to ten hashtags in your Stories, all of which should be relevant (if you want to reach more people).

Instagram Stories photographs and videos can help you get more likes, comments, and even leads. Costs associated with making videos in this format are far lower than those associated with making longer films.

Instagram Stories now support the addition of call-to-action buttons, which may be used to send users to your website. Using Stories, you may quickly and interestingly present your items, which in turn can increase your site’s traffic.

Creating Meaningful Bonds

Creating an emotional connection with customers is crucial in the age of digital marketing. The best way to promote your business and get people interested in your products is through entertaining and educational films.

Making your viewers feel something is also important. The history of your company might be the subject of a promotional video. The topics of your videos should also be something that your target demographic has in common with you. Because of this, they’ll have a better sense of community.

For some lighthearted interaction, you might, for instance, conduct a poll on a topic vital to your specialty. Instead, you might showcase two different designs for the same item and ask customers to choose their favourite. Add the ability to Swipe Up and buy, and you’ll see a boost in sales.

Maintaining a constant presence in your customers’ Instagram feeds might influence their buying behaviour. As a result, it’s crucial for businesses to establish a human connection with their customers before trying to make a sale.