Tips For Going Viral On Instagram

In 2018, Instagram has evolved into a potent medium for establishing one’s identity and launching a career or company. In fact, Instagram’s mobile advertising income is projected to hit $6.8 billion in 2018, up from $1.8 billion in 2016.

Tips for Going Viral on Instagram

Make sure everything you post is honest and real.

All the people on this list of influential people insisted on one tried and tested practise: genuine content.

Above, you can see fashion and beauty influencer Emily Roberts (@thelipstickfever), who has over 57,000 followers. To paraphrase what she said to me: “It’s better to post top-notch images less frequently than something subpar very frequently.”

As your brand evolves, remember to be adaptable and genuine.

If you’re anything like me, you probably feel that the people you follow on Instagram just “get” their brand the moment you start following them. I wanted to confirm this, so I questioned Nicole Loher (@nicoleloher), a health and fitness influencer with over millions followers on Instagram, on whether she had a clear vision for her company from the start.

Remember who you’re talking to.

We’ve spoken about how important it is to your Instagram brand’s success that you be true to yourself and open to change. Let’s think about why this matters now: faithful viewers.

A person can’t get to the status of influencer without first establishing trust with her target audience. Always keep your attention on providing value to your audience, and zero in on what sets you apart, advises Emily Roberts (@thelipstickfever).

Look for niche companies to collaborate with.

You may feel confident enough to approach other companies for endorsement if you’ve established your own brand and built up a sizable fan base. However, sending an email to Nike or L’OrĂ©al may not be the greatest place to start.

Puno proposes using, a micro-influencer tool she developed, to locate micro-brands. (the tool is used by clients like Refinery29 and Etsy). Micro-brands can also be discovered by looking for hashtags associated with your area of expertise. Use the hashtag #healthyeating, for instance, to find related companies and influencers. You may then contact the businesses you’re interested in partnering with via DM or email.

Get better at taking pictures.

Sometimes, all you need is your iPhone and a few Instagram filters to be fulfilled. Better photography and editing tools may be worth the investment if you want to distinguish yourself as an influencer on Instagram.

In the end, you should give something to your readers. Using the right resources and educating yourself through online courses may increase the value of any service.

Keep trying.

One of the most crucial aspects of becoming successful on Instagram, like with any career, is perseverance.

“I preach patience and self-love. Don’t give up, continue to write or post consistently, and in time it will flourish,” says Morgan Raphael (@bun_undone), “instead of focusing on the meaningful content you’re sharing, remain proud of your work, and keep going.”