9 Powerful Strategies To Build High Quality Backlinks

When determining a page’s position in a search engine’s results, links are among the most weighted criteria. It is a common misperception that link building is no longer effective, however this is not the case. Obtaining high-quality backlinks is an evergreen SEO strategy. In addition to helping with SEO, the increased traffic and sales it has generated should help your company expand.

How To Get High-Quality Links: 9 Proven Methods

With your newfound knowledge of backlinks’ significance to SEO, you must now choose how to amass a sizable collection of them.

Creating Backlinks Using Obsolete Sources

Never neglect the tried and true in favour of testing out something new when it comes to link building. Look for sites in your field that have closed down, rebranded, or stopped updating their content and resources.

I’m not sure what use you could make of the materials that are no longer around. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach the many people and websites who continue to reference the old URL. Make a complete inventory of the websites that are still pointing to the obsolete address.

Create Broken Links

This method is ideal for constructing one-way links manually. In this method, you’ll notify the site’s webmaster about any dead links you find, offer suggestions for new sites to link to (including your own), and offer to exchange links. Type your keyword plus links, keywords plus resources, or keywords inurl: links to bring up pages related to your field.

Guest Article

In order to boost their sites’ rankings, most website proprietors are looking for places to publish guest posts of at least 500 words. But are you aware that if you write a content solely for the sake of SEO and not the readers, you will not increase your link popularity. Sites that generate guest post links just for SEO purposes and ignore the relevance of readers’ views have been hit hard by a new Google algorithm upgrade. Consequently, you should employ guest writing as a link building strategy by giving the backlinks in your author bio the respect they deserve. But remember to give your readers something worthwhile.

Data Visualization

The simplicity and accessibility of a well-designed infographic makes it a common strategy for attracting high-quality inbound links. More and more consumers prefer visual data to simply word content, hence this content kind is in high demand and increasing in value. However, exercise caution when selecting infographics. Keep up with the times by picking a story that will generate the most conversation. Infographics are more engaging when statistical data is collected and presented in an engaging visual way.

Communicate with Writers and Bloggers (HARO)

Because wonderful links are the ideal SEO approach for improving first page ranking, you should never be afraid to ask your influencers to get some for your website. So, reach out to popular bloggers and editors in your field. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a free and straightforward alternative. Sign up to be a source, pick the best plan (free or premium), find a request you can help with, and then make a compelling case to a reporter.

References to External Websites

Everyone understands the significance of product/service evaluations and testimonials. However, it seems unreasonable to ask satisfied customers to write recommendations for competing products and services. Experts in the field of delivering quality link building services say that this strategy might be beneficial for backlinking and search engine optimisation in general. By doing so, you’ll not only be assisting other businesses, but also bolstering your own site’s authority.

Use the Appropriate Structure for the Content

It’s not the quantity of information that matters, but the quality that your audience is interested in reading. Getting backlinks is not an easy task for every type of material. Videos, how-guides, list posts, infographics, “why” posts, and quizzes all fare well in a study’s evaluation of backlink performance.

Add Your Site to a Listing Service

To build backlinks, directory submission is as important as guest blogging. You can get high-quality backlinks from it because it broadcasts your company’s name, website, phone number, and physical address. Keep in mind, however, that it is not easy to track down a legitimate online directory. Find a trustworthy directory site with high PageRank, high Domain Authority, and lots of traffic to win the SEO lottery. Choose a platform that is widely utilised for local searches around the world and pertinent to your industry.

Advocacy for Content

You’ve completed producing excellent content and are now waiting for backlinks. Do you think so? If so, you shouldn’t relax too much because your content promotion activities won’t yield backlinks unless you actively seek them out. Allow the people you want to read your copy to do so. Searching for keyword + roundup will bring up websites that host weekly or monthly rounds. Similarly, famous bloggers can be contacted. Send them an in-depth site summary along with some of your top how-to articles. They may include a link to your site in their future roundup if they find it helpful.


Do you seek to increase inbound links? However, how can I sell your product if no one knows who you are? The good news is that if you follow these nine guidelines, you should be able to establish lasting bonds with your clientele. Choose a trustworthy link building firm in the UK that focuses on a wide variety of link building solutions if you’re worried about taking on too much on your own. You may give your company the respect it deserves by spreading the word about it and implementing a backlinking plan.

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