Instagram Content Ideas To Drive Engagement In 2023

Instagram’s continued success may largely be attributed to the platform’s abundance of entertaining video clips. Newer Instagram features like Reels and Stories provide even more options for sharing video material. Videos allow you to represent far more than still photographs.

Instagram Video Topics

Here are 40 Instagram video concepts to help you get started with your own content creation. Some examples include comedic Instagram video concepts and creative ways to use Instagram Stories.

Create a travel vlog

Do you enjoy taking road trips or flying on frequent flier miles? Documenting your travels will provide for entertaining and engaging channel material.

Instagram Live is Not to Be Ignored

Every influencer should experiment with Instagram Live since it provides a another channel for your audience to discover and engage with your content. When you go live, you may also make money through opportunities like Super Chat.

Discuss Recent Events

The previous several years have been plenty with drama, perhaps more than we can handle. There is a wealth of breaking news to report on in the areas of international politics, cutting-edge research, and major shifts in the corporate world.

Make a Stop-Motion Movie

Creating a stop-motion video requires a lot of patience and very little technology. Amazing motion graphics are within your reach if you have the talent and dedication to give it a go.

Give the audience a sneak peek at the process

Depending on the type of material you often produce, a behind-the-scenes footage can provide viewers a genuine look at your workspace, home life, and creative process. Instagram users have a strong preference for unique content.

Feature Your Incredible Staff

Professionals, coworkers, or even just family members might become regulars in an Instagram influencer’s images and videos. If you’re stuck for ideas for your next video, consider formally meeting the people that make up your team.

Define the Benefits of Your Item

Is Instagram a part of your marketing strategy? Don’t discount the power of a straightforward approach and hands-on demonstration while selling or evaluating your goods. Even if you believe the results of your efforts speak for themselves, it never hurts to be explicit about them.

Create a video summary

Summarising the year in video form, reusing old material for new followers, or showcasing some of your favourite pieces in condensed form are all excellent uses of the recap video. Recap videos may be thrown together quickly, depending on the sort of material you provide.

Put a face to a name

Instagram’s direct messaging feature makes it easy to conduct video chats, but you might not know that such talks can be recorded and used as video content. Create a post out of an intriguing call-to-action associated with your specialty.

Group Exhibits

Collaborations are a great way to shake things up and get some new ideas for your website from other people’s perspectives. Share a video documenting your collaboration with a coworker on a subject or project.

Promote a New Product

Is there something you’ve worked on or a new offering from a sponsor or go-to brand that has you giddy with anticipation? Create a video to promote the product before and after it is released.

Get Ideas from Other Campaigns

With features like Reels and Stories, Instagram is seeing a rise in the popularity of video content. Looking at what your preferred influencers are recording might help you come up with ideas for your own video material.

Take Over the Account

Consider allowing a sponsor or fellow influencer take over your account for a day or more if you trust them. This is a great approach to keep things interesting, especially if you’ll be absent during that period.

Make Contact with Important People

Joining forces with other influential people makes it simple to generate fresh ideas for content and expand your reach. You may have them appear in one of your videos or work with you on a joint venture.

Feature Some Case Studies of Delighted Clients

Do you own a company that offers a service or product that has changed people’s lives? Use short movies to showcase positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Boomerangs for Amusement

Boomerang films are an amazing tool for creating looping video. These amusing, self-repeating films may be made with a variety of applications; experiment!

Create a Preview Video

Create a teaser video to generate interest in your impending product, feature, or piece of content while you wait for the full release. Initiate a Debate with Your Followers Holding a debate is another approach to engage with your audience and produce interesting material. Get in touch with your followers and raise an interesting topic of conversation by asking a pertinent question.