How To Grow Followers On Your Instagram Page?

You wouldn’t be the first business owner to want for more Instagram followers. You’d be among the 25 million other Instagram company pages with the same goal. Even though there are a lot of profiles out there, you really just have to worry about competing with those in your field.

Even so, there is a lot of rivalry on Instagram, both for followers and for outright commercial success. In this article, we’ll go over several tried-and-true methods for boosting your company’s Instagram following and, by extension, your sales.

A Primer on Instagram

Let’s conduct a quick Insta-lesson before we get into talking about how to get more followers. Instagram is a social media service centred around sharing photographs with accompanying textual descriptions.

You may use hashtags to organise your photographs and tag friends in them, as well as share your post on other social networking sites to which your account is connected. About 80% of Instagram’s user base follows a company.

That’s greater than 75% of all active Instagrammers! Due to this fact alone, it is crucial for your company to create an Instagram account and to attract as many followers as possible.

What really matters is, how can I increase my fanbase?

You aren’t the only company owner that wishes they had more Instagram followers.

After all, if you want to reach a wider audience, sell more merchandise, and raise awareness of your business, you need to grow the number of people who follow you. Here are six techniques for attracting more people to follow your company’s profile.

Update often

If you want to build a strong following on Instagram, consistent posting is the first step. Instagram posts from leading companies tend to occur five times each week. Exactly how often does this occur?

It’s important to maintain visibility among your present and future clientele. Regular posting increases brand awareness, customer engagement, and knowledge of your products and services.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!

You should constantly use the opportunity to market your Instagram account, no matter the nature of your business or the content you provide there. This includes publicising your username in other places, such as business cards, email signatures, websites, and social media accounts. Add your Instagram handle to your existing social media profiles’ bios, or create a post specifically for the purpose of promoting your Instagram page.

A Facebook post might offer users the chance to win a gift card if they follow you on Instagram. Never forget how vital it is to spread your profile information around. No one can follow your account if they don’t know it exists.

Make use of hashtags

You may add hashtags, which are short bits of text, anywhere in the body of your Instagram post, or at the very end. Hashtags are created by using the symbol (#) followed by a word or phrase that describes the picture, without any spaces.

Using hashtags, you may boost your visibility in the areas where you know you’ll be able to attract new followers. That might seem strange, so let me give you a quick introduction to hashtags.

To discover trending hashtags related to your business or merchandise, use a platform like Webstagram. This will guide your choice of hashtags.

Include some hashtags at the end of your message

You may increase the chances of people clicking on your post by including relevant hashtags in it. Which may prompt a subsequent action.
Hashtags are just a way to categorise your content so that anyone searching for something related to it may reach your page. If you run a bakery, you may promote your wares with the hashtags #chocolatecake, #chocolatechipcookies, #weddingcake, or #fondantflowers.

Then, your posts may appear in the results of a hashtag search if someone uses those hashtags. On average, postings containing at least one hashtag receive 12.6% higher interaction than those without.

Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags, but you needn’t use them all if you don’t want to. To get a feel for how many hashtags are suitable in your sector, you could have a look at the Instagram accounts of your competitors.

Exhibit Personality and “Aesthetic”

Does a company’s Instagram profile have a unified aesthetic when you check it out? Do they contribute to the brand’s aesthetic?

Your profile will come across as more credible and attractive to potential followers if your photographs all use the same filter and aesthetic treatment. Washington state flower harvester Junes Blooms is a good example of a company with a unified design philosophy.

Interact with your audience

One of the best strategies for expanding your fan base is to interact with other people. Discovering hashtags that are relevant to your items might help you reach a targeted audience. You may, for instance, check out the folks who are following the hashtags #artinphiladelphia, #phillyart, #phillyartist, etc. if you’re an artist based in Philadelphia.

Promote your business on Instagram

Advertising your business on Instagram is a great method to attract new customers and grow your following. How often do you find yourself casually browsing your feed and suddenly become obsessed with a bracelet from a company you don’t even follow? You could check out their page and end up following them after seeing what more they have to offer.

Instagram advertising come in a variety of formats, including still image, moving image, carousel, and story.