How And Why Your Company Needs An Instagram Page

When it originally debuted, Instagram profiles could be either personal or business. Simple information about yourself and your Instagram account were all that was included.

In 2016, Instagram added business accounts, proving yet again how rapidly social media evolves. And ever since, the revamped profile has made room for innovative social advertising strategies.

Why Should a Company Have an Instagram Account?

Brands that want to gain traction on Instagram and make smart use of the platform should sign up for a business profile. That’s because your brand’s usability might be enhanced by certain aspects of your company’s profile.

Let’s have a look at some of the main advantages of having a business profile on Instagram rather than just a personal one.

One, you’re given greater respect.

Below, you’ll see a comparison of the two Instagram accounts. There are certain major distinctions that you will likely observe.

Instagram users gain more trust when they are able to easily distinguish between personal accounts and those belonging to businesses or content creators.

Consistent Instagram posting and interaction is another trust-building tactic. However, there is more to an Instagram marketing plan than merely posting content and interacting with followers. If you want to learn how to succeed on Instagram, download our whole guide.

You may view statistics

That’s a huge step forward. If you upgrade to an Instagram business account, you’ll have access to useful analytics right now.

Check out how well each post is doing, see what your followers are up to, and learn more about your audience. This data isn’t comprehensive, but it gives you an excellent snapshot of your account’s performance and may help you get a feel for how well received your material is.

Thirdly, Instagram Stories now support in-story connections.

A lot of people use “link in bio” and other solutions to compile all their current or relevant links into one Instagram-accessible page because Instagram is notorious for not letting you link directly to blog articles and landing pages from your posts. Instagram Stories swipe up links are only available to accounts with 10,000 or more followers if the account is a commercial profile.

Using Instagram’s advertising features 4

Facebook’s advertisements manager is used to produce ads and promoted posts on Instagram, so you’ll need an Instagram business profile linked to a Facebook Page to get started.

Using Instagram advertisements may help your company generate leads, boost conversions, and reach 10,000 followers much more rapidly. Paid advertisements on Instagram may help you target specific audiences, expand your reach, and combat the algorithm’s negative effects on companies.

Five, you may plan ahead and schedule your updates.

The option to automatically schedule posts rather than merely setting a reminder is another key upgrade that has been available for a few years now but is still quite useful for marketers that use Instagram.

Sixth, you may add product tags to your tweets.

By switching to or creating a business account, you can tag goods and transform photographs into shoppable posts, opening up a whole new revenue stream for your firm. Since 46% of Instagram users buy a product they saw there and even more investigate it afterwards, it makes sense to optimise the platform for this kind of browsing.