6 TikTok Video Tips For Brand

Marketers have found success in using social video to drive more visitors to their brand’s website, with 87% attesting to this fact. TikTok has become the social media platform of choice for consumers to submit short-form videos due to its high engagement rates, but advertisers have been sluggish to get on the bandwagon.

Only 3.7% of all content on TikTok originates from brand accounts, so now is a fantastic moment to start thinking about ideas for videos to post on the platform and gaining followers before it becomes overrun with ads. Let’s look at some community-driven video concepts that ecommerce firms in any sector may use to increase their visibility and stoke sales.

1. Video Testimonials of Products

Over 49% of users have claimed they made a purchase after seeing it on TikTok. While advertising on TikTok may be your first thought as a social media marketer, user reviews can be a great way to kick off organic interaction. Your company can benefit from resharing the app’s popular influencer marketing and user-generated content (UGC), as both are regularly shared by users.
Something about seventy-nine percent of consumers have seen a video testimonial to gain insight into a product. A customer review is more credible because the reviewer has no incentive to write positively about the business. They can find common ground with other TikTok users and even celebrities and influencers.

Learn About Your Staff

Marketers in the modern day are humanising their businesses by showcasing the people behind the scenes via social media, and they are also using more user-generated content (UGC) in their social media posts. Sharing your own team’s work or highlighting them in a series of TikTok videos will help users feel more connected to your brand and more ready to buy your product, no matter what industry your brand is in.

Value should be sprinkled throughout the content you and your team produce, whether that’s via responding to customer concerns about the product, sharing information about the history of the company, or telling a hilarious story.

Method 3: Tutorial Videos

While the majority of videos on TikTok are of the lip-syncing or dancing challenge variety, instructional videos and lessons have also grown quite popular. Social media platforms have a lot of options when it comes to producing tutorial-style videos, including making them themselves, enlisting the help of influencer relationships, or encouraging customers to do so.

Brands in virtually every sector can profit from producing and distributing how-to videos, whether they are just getting their start or have been around for a while. While you want to increase product awareness and sales, the most relevant video content should still be about your offering.

4, Videos with Stitches, Pairs, and Comments and Replies

The only method to interact with your audience on TikTok is to answer to their comments, but there are many other ways to do so as well. Influencers frequently use Stitches and duets to engage with content from their networks and give their own twist on hot themes. By contrast, a “duet” simultaneously plays both the original video and your own material, allowing for easier sharing of previously shared videos.

Through stitches and collaborations, you can show your TikTok audience that your company is present where they spend time online and values their feedback. TikTok users may upload videos of themselves using or talking about your products, and you can use these to stitch or put together teasers for future releases or demonstrations of the product in various iterations.

Videos for Evaluation and Comparison

TikTok users might benefit from seeing more comparison videos. Showcase your product’s superiority over the competition with a comparison video. It’s a good idea to start by making some comparison videos for your brand and sharing them with your audience.
For instance, you could create a catchphrase or branded hashtag and delegate the creation of the TikTok content to the people themselves. With a branded hashtag, your team can quickly find and repost any customer-created films. TikTok is a place where people can express themselves freely, therefore user-created twists on traditional comparison videos are inevitable. Your material will have greater variety and credibility as a result.

Unboxing Videos, No. 6

TikTok users can also find fantastic video material in unboxing videos. Take a look at the statistics. There have been 105 million total views of unboxing videos as of October 2020.

You may leverage influencer marketing for this type of content (the unpacking videos) in particular. Finding the proper people to influence is the first step. Rather than spending time sending out hundreds of direct messages to creators who may not be the greatest fit for your campaign, check out our advise on how to locate influencers for your brand. Then you can send them your wares to unbox in a video. Those influencers you pick should also have a following that includes your target demographic.

At Last

Marketers can no longer afford to ignore TikTok. Meanwhile, video has been shown to be an efficient promotional medium. When you put them together, you have an effective instrument for brand promotion.

This article gave you four different ways to use TikTok videos to promote your company. Useful ways to introduce your product to new audiences include through video reviews, tutorials, comparisons, and unboxings. They are excellent for stimulating interest and participation.