The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Video Marketing

Video has become one of the most in-demand content categories on social media, especially with the advent of tools like reels, narrative videos, and live streaming.

YouTube has been the dominant video-sharing website since it first appeared in 2005. TikTok has been instrumental in the recent decade’s widespread adoption of video content. Yet, Instagram and Facebook have emerged as the most formidable challengers to YouTube’s hegemony in recent years, especially since the advent of action reels.

Is your goal to use social media videos to boost sales and spread the word about your brand?

We’ve put up a comprehensive tutorial detailing all the fundamental topics you need to understand to get started with video marketing. Explore the different areas, refine your abilities, and build trust with potential consumers to boost brand awareness and sales with the use of engaging films.

A Definition of Video Marketing

By using videos into a marketing plan, you may increase customer interest, boost revenue, and spread the word about your company. A company’s marketing team develops, refines, and implements an audience-facing video strategy that takes into account the company’s services, products, and features.

The purpose of employing inventive video is to pique viewers’ interest in the company through simple, easily digestible interaction.

The development of social media and the proliferation of free internet tools for editing videos have both contributed to the meteoric ascent of video advertising.

Several well-known companies and brands publish promotional films and commercials on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Aims of Business Video Marketing

Be sure you know where you want to go before you start shooting that marketing video. The following milestones are often celebrated with brand video campaigns; check them out!


Brand exposure is the primary objective of every successful video marketing strategy. With a high average order value, awareness films can help you reach a wider audience. An “awareness video” is meant to raise brand recognition, not generate revenue. Top-of-funnel videos focus on raising awareness.


Do you wish to deepen your connection with prospective clients and spark their interest? The term “consideration” content refers to videos made with the intention of either starting a conversation with a lead or deepening an existing one. Your level of knowledge may be established and demonstrated through the inclusion of relevant information in your consideration section.


The term “conversion” describes your video’s purpose if making sales is your ultimate goal. Video marketing’s last stage is devoted to conversion-focused content like explainer and testimonial videos. Be sure to highlight pricing and your unique selling proposition in any conversion video you create for potential new customers. Sales and CTR are the two most essential indicators of a video’s effectiveness.

Promoting Your Videos On Social Networks

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are just few of the major social media that have shifted their focus to video in order to keep up with the growing demand for content in this format.

Promoting Videos on Facebook

It has been estimated that every day, 500 million people watch 100 million hours of video content on Facebook, with 47% of those people being exposed to video adverts.

Facebook’s Timeline, Facebook Live, and Facebook Story all feature video content.

Video Timelines

The earliest forms of video sharing on Facebook were just links to other videos. Native Facebook videos, however, tend to get more views and comments.

Video Stories

Videos in a Facebook Story can be no longer than 15 seconds and will be deleted after 24 hours. You may upload regular movies shot on your phone or camera, or you can use the app’s unique “boomerang” style, which plays a brief video on a loop.

Facebook Live

With Facebook Live video, you can show your audience anything you want. It notifies your audience that you’ve begun streaming live, increasing your viewership. Live streaming videos may be used for a variety of purposes, including product launches, employee advocacy, interviewing industry leaders for their thoughts, and more.

Marketing using Instagram Videos

Instagram videos may be divided into five categories based on their presentation: in-feed, story, reel, live, and IGTV. So, let’s have a look at the various formats:

Instagram feed Videos

Videos posted directly to a user’s feed are Instagram’s first and oldest video format. Instagram’s built-in camera is used to record these kinds of videos, although movies from your phone’s gallery can also be uploaded. Videos posted to feeds may be no longer than 60 seconds, and the app also supports the Boomerang and GIF formats. Users may modify their video postings with a variety of options, including filters, location, description, product tags, and user location. Posts with videos may be published publicly on “Story” and privately with potential customers through direct messaging.

Instagram Stories

Similar to the disappearing films on Facebook’s “story,” Instagram’s “story” videos only last for 24 hours and are only 15 seconds long. Create a Stroy video directly from the main menu, or import an existing video from your library. Users may star stories in the profile area above the grid to remember them easily. Instagram stories offer a great potential to reach your target audience, since more than 500 Instagram users view a story every day.

Instagram Reels

Instagram just introduced a new feature called “reels,” and its popularity has been steadily increasing ever since. These are the 15-second to 60-second videos that can be shot using Instagram’s built-in camera or selected from your phone’s media library. There are text options, augmented reality filter options, time and speed settings, a green screen mode, and a soundtrack library available in Reels. Instagram stories must be recorded in the vertical 9:16 aspect ratio portrait mode. Captions, hashtags, and product tags are also supported in Reels. Instagram highlights reels are an engaging way to get your company noticed and spread the word.

Instagram Live

To conduct a workshop, interview, or other online event, businesses may take use of Instagram Live, a feature that lets users broadcast live video from their smartphones. A maximum of four hours may be spent watching a live broadcast on Instagram, which can be hosted by one or two different profiles. Once a user goes live, a live symbol will display at the very beginning of the story bar. Instagram Lives may be recorded and uploaded to IGTV after they’ve ended.