How To Read Instagram Stats (And 5 Apps To Use In 2023)

The backbone of any effective Instagram marketing campaign is analytics. You can find out what’s working and what isn’t on Instagram, as well as get some ideas for new techniques, thanks to the abundance of data accessible.

The typical Instagram user spends 11.7 hours per month on the platform, and there are already 1.39 billion of them. Sixty-two percent of them are brand followers or product researchers who utilise the app. However, there is a plethora of material vying for their attention at that moment.

Insta-analytics: what exactly are they?

Instagram analytics provide access to vital metrics and statistics on your account’s success on the platform. The information you collect might range from the most general (the number of individuals who viewed or liked a certain post) to the most precise (the time of day when your account’s followers are most active).

The only way to create a successful Instagram strategy is to monitor the data available through Instagram analytics. You can only make educated guesses about what works if you don’t keep records.

Five Instagram analytics apps coming in 2023

Instagram statistics go much beyond what can be seen in Instagram’s own analytics tool. Our top-recommended Instagram analytics solutions offer the depth and adaptability necessary for serious business use.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s social media analytics provide a snapshot of your Instagram stats in your social streams, so you can access the most crucial data without leaving the app.

You may get a bird’s eye perspective of all your Instagram data on one page with the Instagram overview report, or you can hone in on particular indicators and create reports that are unique to your business’s needs. Then, with a click or two, distribute it to relevant people in your company.

For instance, the Best Times to Publish analytics tool may help you determine when your target audience is most likely to be online so that you can maximise your post’s potential for reaching, informing, and engaging that audience.

Hootsuite gives you access to Instagram metrics that are far more in-depth than the built-in Instagram Insights. For instance:

  • Reconstruct and examine historical information: You can’t monitor your Instagram account’s long-term development with Meta Business Insights because the tool only provides access to data from the past three years.
  • To get historical context, it is helpful to compare measures throughout time. The majority of analytics only allow for week-to-week or month-to-month comparisons. Hootsuite allows you to view your own timeline’s development through time by comparing two different points in time.
  • Find out when you should post: Your prior interaction, exposure, and clickthrough rates inform these specific suggestions.
  • Produce individualised reports in many file formats, then easily download and distribute them: So that you never forget or have to manually seek data, you may set up reports to arrive to your email (and the inboxes of your peers) on a predefined timetable.
  • Check out the feedback on your Instagram photos and whether it’s favourable or negative: Sentiment analysis may reveal if the feedback being received is positive or negative, beyond what is shown by engagement metrics.
  • Side by side comparison of Instagram Reels and TikToks might reveal where your time and energy are best spent. Here’s an important number to think about. Fifty-two percent of Instagram users also have an account on TikTok. However, 81% of those who use TikTok also use Instagram. You might be talking to different people on each platform, but only a direct comparison can reveal which generates greater interest.

2. Lock and key

Keyhole goes above and beyond the standard Instagram stats to provide insightful analysis of your hashtags and the performance of your keywords.

It’s a great tool for keeping tabs on promotions, user-generated content, and Instagram competitions as they happen. When collaborating with influencers, it’s also helpful for monitoring Instagram metrics.

3. Third, is an analytics service that can be used on both a computer and a mobile device to gain insightful data from Instagram. It records data on the audience every day, and about the content every hour.

It’s cool that you can compare some of your Instagram analytics to those of similar accounts. Top followers may be monitored, and you can see which filters are most effective for your material.

4. Fourth-Square Love

You can see how successful your Instagram efforts are and what kinds of material are getting the most engagement with the help of Squarelovin’s Instagram analytics tool.

5. Panoramiq’s Insights (5th)

With this straightforward yet powerful Instagram analytics tool, you can monitor and report on follower and activity statistics, as well as post and story reporting. There are two report export options available: PDF and.csv.

Instagram Report Format – Free Template for Analytics

Compiling Instagram analytics data into a report that facilitates comparison of outcomes and identification of patterns maximises the data’s value. If you’re interested in sharing the results of your Instagram analytics, we’ve made a report template available for free download.

Hootsuite includes built-in Instagram analytics if you’d prefer have data generated automatically. Hootsuite’s built-in analytics feature allows you to instantly generate reports on interaction, audience, and post performance on Instagram using one of three pre-designed report templates.