Six Exemplary Cases Of Marketing Through Facebook Quizzes

To what extent may this buzz help your Facebook page?

Creating a quiz for your Facebook page is a great way to increase interaction with your audience and achieve the virality you’re after.

You may do one of two things with your quiz tale thanks to apps on Facebook:

Personality evaluation

With the help of this programme, you may make a test of any flavour you choose. This will be an entertaining way to spread awareness of your company or product.

Users will complete the quiz to find out which character most closely represents them, and they will also have the opportunity to win prizes (if you will execute this kind of promotion).

The “quiz type promotion” may provide a consistent stream of content that will keep your fans and followers engaged from beginning to end (intro post, displaying the different personas;

Finally, the quiz app may be used to conduct surveys and polls inside a group. You may think of this app as a poll or survey tool.

Before releasing a new product or service, they may advise you on the best course of action to take. The app’s quizzes may be used to crowdsource data such as the preferred hue for a new product or the ideal pricing point for a service.

Users will enjoy being included in pre-launch planning.

A Quiz On What You Know

The application for testing one’s knowledge will allow you to make a more “serious” advertisement.

When the promotion is over, you may provide prizes to the participants who earned the most points based on their responses.

1. Just before you get started on that quiz narrative of yours!

First and foremost, you must identify your personal point of view as it relates to the brand, product, or service. Use your imagination and venture into uncharted territory.

Also, remember that your quizzes (and their outcomes) should have some actual value. The questions, answers, and outcomes presented must all convince the reader that they are relevant to his or her own life. “For our most viral quizzes, the findings have to be significant in some manner,” said Buzfeed’s Summer Burton. These aren’t scientific; that’s not the point. The point is, what they say has real significance for people in terms of their sense of self.

2. Theories for character tests

In order to get you started with your Facebook quiz promotion, here are some personality quiz ideas.

A. Pet stores

Potential inquiry: Describe the ideal working conditions for you. What’s your athleticism like? Do you consider yourself to be a person who enjoys interacting with others? Which animal is your favourite, and why?

B. Flower shops

The hue of her preference is a potential inquiry. What flavour of frozen treat does she prefer? What type of cosmetics does she use? What she likes to wear. Her reading material of choice.

3. Thirdly, an Insurance Firm

How long have you held your driver’s licence? You may choose any drive you like. The light at the intersection you’re approaching is changing to yellow. As in, what do you do? Just how do you feel when behind the wheel? To what extent do you drive each week

4. A shoe store

Which city would you most like to visit if given the chance? Please tell me which trend in clothing you like most. What shade of polish did you use on your nails? May I ask, what’s your preferred beverage? 

Methods for Evaluating Knowledge
Here are some concepts to ponder for a knowledge quiz.

5 words that start with “travel”

Let’s imagine you’ve come up with a fantastic deal for Spain. You may switch things up and give them a Spanish vocabulary exam instead of just talking about the deal.

Tell me about yourself.

Use Facebook quizzes on your page? Which kind of exam—a test of knowledge or one of personality—do you like better?

I welcome your thoughts and opinions in the space provided below.

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