3 Best Ways To Check Domain Authority In 2023

Domain authority is a measure used in search engine optimisation (SEO) to foretell a website’s future search engine rankings. Domain authority measures how likely a website is to perform well in search engines. Find out what a domain authority checker is and why you need one with the help of this piece.

Domain Authority: What Is It?

Moz, a search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing firm, developed the concept of domain authority to rate websites according to their SEO performance. The score can be anywhere from zero to one hundred, with a higher number indicating a better likelihood of placement.

Moz domain reputation is affected by the following factors:

  • Root-domain linking
  • Quantity of both external and internal links on the website.
  • Algorithm for machine learning used by Moz
  • Domain Authority (DA)-rich websites
  • But this isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to a website’s credibility. The Moz algorithm, which clearly adheres to a set of rules and guidelines that determine how the score will be computed, contains the vast majority of these factors.

The collected data is then analysed to determine an individual’s DA rating. Remember though, that domain authority is just a metric used to gauge a website’s strength, and not an official Google ranking component.

Tools for Assessing Domain Reputability

In 2023, these are the top three domain authority checkers you need to use:

1. Domain Authority Analyzer by Moz

The Moz Domain Authority Checker is second only to the Ahrefs Domain Authority Checker in terms of popularity. The fact that Moz created domain authority is a major selling point for their software. They also have access to one of the most effective crawlers for determining a site’s credibility through an analysis of inbound connections.

The credibility of specific web sites can also be investigated in this manner. Page authority refers to the weighted importance given to individual web sites. Just like domain authority, page authority measures how well one website performs in relation to others on the web.

Mozbar is the name of the program, and it employs machine learning to rank webpages based on a number of criteria. A site’s score may fluctuate if the algorithm is being updated or if there is a shift in the level of link activity within the site.

2. Ahrefs

If you’re looking for a Moz replacement that’s just as effective, look no further than Ahrefs. Certain procedures are named differently than others. In contrast to Moz, for instance, there is no dedicated area for measuring domain or page reputation. Domain authority and page authority are replaced by “domain rating” and “URL rating,” which may sound and appear different but serve the same purpose.

When you input a domain’s URL into Ahrefs, you’ll be able to view its incoming links and outgoing anchor text. You can use this to your benefit by researching the types of backlinks that your competitors are utilising and implementing them yourself, if possible. The best and most important of these links are highlighted for your perusal, and you can tell that they are dofollow as well. In general, it’s a fantastic resource for determining a site’s reputation and constructing inbound links.

3. Majestic

A comparable utility to Ahrefs. Users are able to see a website’s reputation rating and the link profiles of participating websites.

The ability to verify domain authority isn’t even the most impressive part of Majestic; the tool’s indexing features are. Majestic offers two distinct search methods.


By selecting this tab, users can access material that Majestic has crawled back as far as five years. Marketers may find this to be useful knowledge. Users will be able to pinpoint when and where they may have dropped connections with the aid of these tools. With this information in hand, they can better target their efforts.

It is possible to go after rivals’ defunct links in order to learn their strategies and, if they prove useful, incorporate them into your own sites. You can rebuild the links that were lost and raise your site’s reputation this way.


Users can select this option to examine updated backlink data several times a day. The information displayed here is continually changed to ensure its accuracy.

Users will be able to get a comprehensive overview and performance analysis of any searchable domain with the aid of these two features. Majestic gives SEO professionals a better idea of where they can make improvements by focusing on the quality and amount of inbound links.

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