New Album - Rebels Out There

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Formed in 2014 in the infamous melting pot of Ladbroke Grove, Smiley & The Underclass are a punky reggae explosion from a world on fire. Their musical call-to-arms invokes a passion and honesty rarely seen in these times of cardboard cut-out pop pollution.

Think Bob Dylan meets The Clash, and King Tubby in a dark alley with baseball bats. Mind-altering guitars collide with razor-sharp lyrics and melodies to move your mind, soul, body and feet. The urgency is real and carries a message powerful enough to awaken all punk rockers and roots rebels in our modern era. Having just released their debut album "REBELS OUT THERE" through Bredda Records in 2017(recorded with Mick Jones of The Clash and UK Reggae legend Nick Manasseh),expect heavy musical detonation to shake the core of the UK scene.

With revolution on the cards and social unrest all over, Smiley & The Underclass capture the spirit of the times.

The revolution is here. All you have to do is tune in....

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